Welcome to West End Wendies Performing Arts School

West End Wendies™ is a Bedfordshire based Performing Arts School that provides a unique opportunity for children from the age of 4-18yrs to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Musical Theatre under the dedicated supervision of professional performers who have lived the dream and spent their careers performing professionally in London's West End. Theatre requires a sound knowledge of all three disciplines; Acting, Singing and Dance. The West End Wendies Performing Arts School have access to a professional Theatre and modern Dance Studios at the South Bank Art Centre in Bedford. We strive to provide all our students with the materials to learn and the confidence to explore and grow.

If you like acting then West End Wendies is the place for you

Acting A weekly opportunity to explore varying techniques, addressing individual talents and workshop material in a professional environment. Students at West End Wendies receive one-to-one tuition to develop the skills they require should they wish to progress into the industry.

Dancing is an important part of our Saturday and holiday performing arts groups

Dance Our students learn audition repertoire from West End shows past and present. They often choose audition projects and learn cleaver staging techniques to enhance choreography in the space/time frame given. Our students progress quickly gaining in confidence through a variety of performance routines.

If you like to sing then Bedfordshire's West End Wendies want to hear from you

Singing Elliot Harper is the resident vocal coach helping children realise their individual potential. His unique approach to tuition always hits the mark with children singing modern Musical Theatre and pop songs. Students perform in class individually and as an ensemble.